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We at Ymerej LLC are passionate about serving our clients with perfection. As a result, our hardworking workforce thrives in chaotic, fast-paced circumstances. Every day, our electricians and safety professionals prepare for obstacles and overcome them with adaptability, energy, and a desire to go above and beyond for our clients.

You can count on receiving specialized and committed service from us as we are the one-stop solution for all your unique and recurring needs. Along with general contractors, owners, and property managers, we provide services to clients in the industrial, hospitality, retail, institutional, and commercial sectors.

Our service portfolio is comprised of

  • Electrical Contracting.

  • Lighting Circuits and Main Feeds.

  • Electrical Construction.

  • Data Centers and Lighting.

  • Electrical Wiring.

  • Electrical Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

  • Electrical Panels.

  • Electrical Conduit.


Residential Services

Your electricity is the only thing in your home that never rests or sleeps. This is because your electricity puts in a lot of effort every hour to keep you and your family secure and comfortable at home. You probably take electricity for granted because you're so accustomed to the comforts it gives you every day, but without it, you couldn't watch TV, do your laundry or dishes, prepare an excellent meal for your family, or utilize many other essential household appliances and gadgets.

You need to employ a certified household electrician for all required services if you want to keep your power flowing quickly and safely throughout your home. Our professionals at Ymerej LLC are capable of offering top-notch electrical services around North Carolina and the nearby towns.

Commercial Services

Your electrical system must always be in good working order to keep your business operations running smoothly and to ensure the safety of your staff – with the assistance of commercial electrical installation, repair, and maintenance, Ymerej LLC is here to help you achieve this.

Our skilled experts can handle any electrical issue you may have with your company's electrical system. Since we are specialists in diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair, we will rapidly identify the problem's cause and be able to resolve it. Additionally, we are adept at wiring new construction projects. Professionally complete each work from beginning to end. Let us assist you in setting up the electrical infrastructure for your company.


Goverment Services

For essential operations, government departments and agencies rely on the electrical systems in their buildings. Each institution has its electrical system that can need upkeep, replacement, or repair at any given time – our skilled electricians can ensure that the right solutions are applied to the electrical systems of government buildings, which is no easy task.

Our team of expert electricians has the knowledge required to handle any electrical job at a government institution, from upgrading electrical systems to installing lighting fixtures, fire alarms, and other electrical infrastructure. Not only do we do the task, but we also take great care to complete it correctly.

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