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About Ymerej LLC

With an extensive experience serving your neighborhood, Ymerej LLC is a comprehensive residential and industrial electrical contractor and service provider. We deliver unmatched competence and workmanship from highly skilled and certified residential electricians with over decades of experience and countless industrial electrical projects performed throughout North Carolina, USA. We have the staff, tools, and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure to complete any electrical project timely and efficiently, regardless of size or scope. In addition, we assist homeowners in lowering their electricity expenses while boosting system efficiency by providing renewable power options.

Our entire focus of Ymerej LLC is on client satisfaction, which is why we're considered one of the most dependable service providers in the electrical industry. However, despite growth, we firmly believe that our operations' fundamental principles — to act honorably to offer our clients high-quality services—remain unaltered.

At Ymerej LLC, we think it's critical to give back to the areas where our customers and employees live and work. Hence, we are committed to several programs and projects that benefit our communities - we are particularly interested in groups that help educate women and children.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing our clients exceptional electrical services while upholding our fundamental principles of professionalism, teamwork, and safety.

Vision Statement

Being the industry leader in electrical contracting for creating chances for all of our staff members and their families through advancement, education, mentorship, and clear communication.



To develop safety procedures at construction job sites and the safety protocols within the electrical industry, Ymerej LLC is dedicated to its role as a change agent. In addition, we are committed to advancing safety management, education, and training initiatives across the firm and the ongoing expansion and refinement of our own internal safety organization.


Innovation and Leadership

Ymerej LLC is dedicated to being an innovator and industry leader. Clients can rely on us to stay at the forefront of industry innovations in safety and worker training, apply the most recent, well-proven technologies to their projects, and be the first to adopt professional standards for new and growing markets.



Customers, vendors, contractors, and suppliers can rely on our management and staff to be honest, and uphold the highest moral and ethical standards of business conduct.


Diversity and Adaptiveness

Ymerej LLC will keep developing its knowledge and resources across all electrical construction disciplines as a full-service electrical contractor. We will enter emerging and new markets, not hesitating to take on challenging and unusual tasks. Response time and flexibility are guaranteed.

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